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calmness, deep insight, unique self expression

Esther Klinkers is a celebrated sacred leader sharing the teachings of yoga. Known for her calmness, deep insight and unique self expression. Her inspirational style of teaching blends the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice of yoga. Her expertise in yoga asanas is posture realignment, muscle balance, core power and performance enhancement.

She teaches hatha yoga in a vinyasa flow style. She offers a strong yet sensitive practice with attention to subtle details. Her approach towards asanas is safe for beginners and challenging for experienced practitioners. She likes to work from neutral in little steps towards the pose and back to neutral again. The verbal instructions are specific in direction, integrating knowledge of subtle anatomy. Her voice is a flowing guidance while you move. It enhances your movement awareness from start to end to feel the journey in between. And brings a meditative experience to your asana practice.


She teaches asanas as a preparation for the real inside job: meditation. By tuning into silence it is possible to let go old roles, lifes, times. People become more alive and present into the now. If this happens the expression changes; the eyes are luminious, the skin of the face is calm and radiates softness. Additional benefits of practicing yoga are release of tension and stress, balance of the five elements in the body, a clearer mind, improved coordination and concentration, stamina, respect and integrity.


During yoga retreats and teacher trainings she also loves to inspire through a free style flow with creative transitions. Asanas combined with guided meditations and breath awareness exercises. Integrating elements of Tibetan Heart Yoga, yin yoga, foot reflexology, meridians, skinner releasing technique, yoga nidra, acro yoga, pilates and other exercise movements which can give insight. She likes to create wellbeing experiences in places of natural beauty. Her unique style is authentic and ever changing adapting to the present moment.

Her own practice evolved beyond the physical body at the level of soul and spirit. This convinced her that true health comes from the spiritual realm. She is inspired by the transformation she sees within herself and other people who are devoted to the practice of yoga asanas if it is combined with the inner spiritual journey. The relation between matter and spirit is the foundation of her teachings.