The story of embody essence as a teaching method

Embody Essence is a yoga practice which integrates the playfull study of movement that unravels the body from the felt sense of being. It is a movement practice in presence. One movement moving into the next. Out of the thinking mind and into the feeling body. To become aware that change is the essence though the essence never changes.

For over 35 years I have experience with practicing movement. From gymnastics to contemporary dance, to theatre and movement improvisation and ultimately yoga. Moving my way through movement from gross to subtle I refined movement to the subtlest details within the body and mind. The result is a full body presence greatly inspired by teachers along the path who clearly saw the next steps I had to take on my path from dispassion towards wisdom.


Andrew de L. Harwood opened the gate to the unknown when I joined a coachingproject in Vienna on movement improvisation Known/Unknown. Very helpful to step out of habitual movement patterns which don't serve anymore. The workshop Material for the Spine from Steve Paxton was an exploration of rolling and spiralling connections within the body. Furthermore I like to mention Body Mind Centering and Skinner Releasing Techniqe, Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals which I learned about at Codarts, University of the Arts. Holding a BA of dance in education I taught in the field of dance for over 12 years. To keep up my own practice I took releasing technique classes with Angelique Willkie which I loved because I felt a fluid natural movement coming from the articulation of the bones. One of her classes was also the last dance class I ever took. She gave me an adjustment through the image of a chair. This was the bridge to asana.


Through asana I learned about boundaries. I became less flexible, more balanced, more real. One thing which surprised me in the teacher training in India was no use of images to support movement. In the field of dance, images are used to find the quality of a certain movement. Not having an image to hold on outside the body I could become more embodied. The result is a more harmonized brain. I am also thankful for the people at Brahma Kumaris who taught me to meditate with open eyes which helped to develop the neutral mind. 


For many years I lived a meditated life. Not with the luxury to be somewhere in a cave, on a tropical island or an ashram, though in daily life. I kept quiet and listened to what Life itself taught me through daily situations instead of imposing something from my own mind. This helped me to get rid of noise and become crystal clear.


After those quiet years on my own I found enough clarity of speech to start sharing the teachings of my greatest two teachers; life itself and self practice. Looking for a way to find the middle ground between the exploratory way of studying consciousness through movement and yoga asana I created Embody Essence. This gives me the freedom to weave the wide range of movement practices with alignment based hatha vinyasa yoga in order to move into ever deepening Self awareness. Adding storytelling, music and meditation makes the practice complete.